The Abbey Geography Department Go Dutch !!!!

On Monday 18th October 1999 the Abbey geography department set sail for Holland.

On Tuesday 19th after a long journey they finally arrived at Europe's largest port, Rotterdam. Here at Europort an introductory video was given, followed by a guided tour of the container terminal. It was a perfect day for a cruise, so before waving goodbye to Rotterdam, a Spido boat trip around the harbour was undertaken.

The following day was also very busy as they visited The National Park De Hoge Veluewe. The pupils were able to visit the worlds first underground museum, as well as partaking in a 12 mile cycle around the national park (all teachers finished the cycle!!).

Thursday was set aside for a visit to Holland's capital - Amsterdam, where an investigation into traffic congestion and traffic management took place and of course a canal cruise around the city. One could not visit Holland without taking a look at the polders, reclaimed land from areas once covered with water. A day spent on "the sea floor" soon puts the ingenuity of the Dutch into perspective.

On leaving Holland they had one last stop - the Euromast. Travelling up the Euromast, by fast lift and revolving space cabin, everyone was able to gain an all round view over the River Meuse, the city of Rotterdam and the port facilities of the Europort!!. After a busy and informative few days, it was now time to relax and enjoy the homeward journey.