Our Work In Zambia

The purpose of our visit is to raise awareness of and combat the problems of poverty and lack of educational opportunity in the Developing World.

Since the first, groundbreaking immersion in 2002, the wider Abbey community have linked the generosity and compassion of the Newry and Mourne Area with the challenge of daily poverty in Christian Brothers’ schools in Zambia. The Brothers, with four decades of experience in education and charity work in the country, are in a unique position to realise the hopes and dreams of those in Ireland and in Zambia.

While in Zambia (a nation in southern Africa about nine times the size of Ireland, with around 11 million people), our groups will teach in the severely under-funded schools, in the Southern town of Livingstone, bringing valuable skills and hope to children and teachers alike. During their two-and-a-half weeks’ work they will experience the harsh realities of extreme poverty in a way that can only otherwise be imagined.

Working in Zambia

Since the inception of the project in 2002, a total of 35 students and 10 teachers have been to Livingstone. The difference this has made to lives, both of privileged and of the needy, cannot be fully comprehended by anyone without first-hand experience of the project’s effects - in fact, the importance of first-hand experience is a fundamental feature of the project. The hope that the experience of life for the world’s most disadvantaged people will change the outlook of everyone fortunate enough to be involved is the cornerstone of the Project. The students return with a renewed energy to work for change (many hope to re-visit Africa in their adult lives), with a deeper understanding of what must be done to bring justice to developing nations, and, in the furthest-reaching effect of the experience, bring their enthusiasm and knowledge into the school and local community.

Libuyu Community School

Libuyu Community School was opened in 1997 specifically for orphans and vulnerable children. Libuyu Community School teaches children up to grade 7. The staff consists of head teacher Mr A Matenga and 7 teachers.Mrs Judith Samutuma is the senior teacher. The school currently has an enrolment of 309. 151 boys and 158 girls. The community school is striving to have an income generating project which will sustain the smooth running of the school such as paying for electricity bills. The school has previously performed well academically - out of 25 pupils who sat for grade 7 exams in 2008, 14 managed to make it to grade 8.

Mr A Matenga

Linda Community School

Linda Community School teaches children up to grade 7. The staff consists of head teacher Catherine Chilambe and 4 teachers. Mr Joy Ndlovy is the senior teacher.The school currently has an enrolment of 236. 121 boys and 115 girls.

Catherine Chilambe

The two schools begin at 8am and finish up around 12:20pm. Libuyu has an afternoon session from 1pm until 4pm. The Zambian Ministry Of Education curriculum is followed and all schools teach English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, PE, Zambian Language, Art, Home Economics and Music.


The YCTC is a community based project started by the Catholic Diocese of Livingstone and implemented in partnership with local and international organisations.

Its main aim is to provide free education to the orphans and the vulnerable youths of Livingstone helping them to build for their future.

The YCTC offers two - years voactional training courses (Carpentry, tailoring, plumbing and catering) to 100 students and courses to 40 students. It also provided sport and recreational activities as well as counselling and health education for local young people.

They can be found in Livingstone, Libuyu compound, beside Maria Assumpta Basic School. For further information contatct them at YCTC Email

If you would like any further information, please or email us Abbey Zambia Project


Working In Zambia Working In Zambia Working In Zambia Working In Zambia Working In Zambia