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Community School Inspector Employed

In July 2007 the Abbey Christian Brothers' Grammar School employed a school inspector to oversee work at three Community Schools in Livingstone Zambia. The three community school are Linda, Libuyu and Mwandi.

Mr Teddy Nyirongo (a retired Headteacher) took up the post at Libuyu Community School in July 2007, which was extended in May 2008 for a further one year. Mr Nyirongo was replaced temporarily in October 2008 by Mr Bbalo, a former Misistry of Education employee. Sr. Emmanuel of Sisters of St. Francis took over in June 2009. The main task is to co-ordinate the educational activities for the two community schools.

The co-ordinator is based in an office at the newly refurbished Abbey twinned Libuyu Community School in Livingstone.

Libuyu Community School teaches children up to grade 7. The staff consists of head teacher Mr A Matenga and 6 teachers.

Mr A Matenga

Linda Community School teaches children up to grade 7. The staff consists of head teacher Catherine Chilambe and 6 teachers.

Catherine Chilambe

The two schools begin at 8am and finish up around 12:20pm. Libuyu has an afternoon session from 1pm until 4pm. The Zambian Ministry Of Education curriculum is followed and all schools teach English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, PE, Zambian Language, Art, Home Economics and Music.

A summary of the co-ordinators duties include:

         Ensure that schools are running for the benefit of children.

         Ensure that the curriculum is followed strictly.

         Ensure that teachers discharge their duties properly.

         Ensure that children are fed (at the centre/community schools).

         To assist in the classroom Teaching of pupils when the need arises.

         To organize and conduct extra curricular activities and educational tours for the children.

         To come up with strategic plans for children who are permanently staying in the centre for their future.

         Any other duties that may be deemed fit by the school head.

Mr Mark Grogan congratulates Mr Teddy Nyirongo on his new post

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